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28 Aug

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           Leeya Fishing lake UdonThani private Fishing    Fishing for only 250 baht for 3 Hrs   Tel 0868 592 986

Leeya Fishing lake  Well stocked with over 1000 Fish.  We charge 250 baht  for 3 hrs Fishing   Take fish home 50 baht per KG  To book fishing please send a Message or Call 0868 592 986 Email Udonpropertysales@gamil,com

If you look in the photo you will see 100s of fish

Fishing lake and Accommodation BBQ area  0868 592 986

BBQ area and Fishing for 4 in Comfort Cold beer and drinks in the fridge or bring your own


GFreshwater fishing in Thailand: Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi, Hua Hin, Cha Am, Koh Samui, Phang Nga and Jungle fishing in Surat Thani. Fishing advice Thailand has picked out the best freshwater fishing spots in Thailand for you.

Freshwater fishing in Thailand offers something for every angler. From delving deep into the wild jungle lakes and rivers of Thailand and fishing for wild fish species, like Snakehead, Catfish, Mahseer and Barb. Just to name a few of the many species that swim around in the jungle water of Thailand. The commercial fishing lakes in Thailand are stocked with four of the world’s largest freshwater species. Giant Siamese Carp, Giant Mekong Catfish, Freshwater Stingray and the introduced Arapaima from the Amazon, which reaches astounding sizes and these monster fish, are not a rarity!

For the anglers who are looking for a freshwater fishing trip in the wild, you may have a look at the jungle lake fishing for Giant Snakehead and the Mahseer fly fishing in jungle for Thai and Blue Mahseer. Anglers in Thailand who are on the hunt for big fish and great sport fishing will not be disappointed. Below you can find links to the best freshwater fishing lakes and rivers in Thailand.


Bungsamran Fishing Park Bangkok

Bungsamran fishing park is probably the best place to go in Thailand, if you would like to test your angling skills against the largest Giant Mekong Catfish and Siamese Carp in Thailand. This fishing park in Bangkok, have long been well known among the commercial fishing parks in Thailand. The Fishing Park, Bungsamran moved to a new location in March 2017.

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Gillhams Fishing Resorts in Krabi

Gillhams Fishing Resorts is the stand-out fishing venue in Thailand. This fishing lake is now being, correctly considered as the best big fish venue in Thailand. This is a fully equipped luxury fishing resort, surrounded by high cliffs and beautiful tropical forest in southern Thailand. Close to: Phuket, Khao Lak, Phang Nga and Ao Nang.

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Exotic Fishing Thailand

Exotic Fishing Thailand fishery has an incredibly stunning location, is surrounded by huge jungle covered mountains. Coming down almost to the edge of the lake, located in Phang Nga southern Thailand the Lake is made for both bait fishing and fly fishing and is certainly one of the best stocked commercial freshwater fishing lakes in Thailand. Close to: Phuket, Khao Lak, Krabi and Ao Nang.

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Jurassic Fishing Thailand

Jurassic Fishing Park and Mountain Resort is a medium sized fishing lake and is aimed at anglers interested in Carp fishing and predator fishing. This fishing lake is set in the beautiful countryside of western Thailand. Currently stock with 17 different species of fish. The fishing park and resort is surrounded by rice paddy fields with impressive limestone mountain as a stunning background. Offer first of all great fishing, but also a 4-star luxury accommodation. Close to: Bangkok, Hua Hin and also Cha Am.

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Jungle Fishing in Surat Thani

The Jungle Fishing in southern Thailand is an experience you should not miss! The Jungle is known as Thailand’s premier freshwater fishing destination, and famous for host some of the best Giant Snakehead fishing in Thailand. The scenery is truly spectacular and here you can catch big native fish species in the wild jungle of Thailand. So it is the perfect fishing trip for lure and fly anglers, who are looking to do something truly memorable. Close to: Phuket, Khao Lak, Surat Thani, Phang Nga and Ao Nang.

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Fly Fishing in Surat Thani

Fly fishing trips to the pristine jungle rivers in southern Thailand, is for adventurous fly anglers, who are looking for an extraordinary fly fishing experience. The Mahseer fly fishing in the jungle is a whole different world, compared to the many commercial fisheries that offer fly fishing in Thailand. Close to: Phuket, Khao Lak, Krabi, Phang Nga and Ao Nang, Surat Thani,

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Fishing in Boon Mar Ponds, Bangkok

Fishing in Bangkok at Boon Mar Ponds, is Barramundi fishing when it is best, it provides non-stop action for lure and fly-fishermen. Among all commercial freshwater lure or fly fishing lakes in Thailand; Boon Mar Ponds is the most popular for its considerably low price only 100THB, large fish sizes and short distance from Bangkok. If fly fishing is your favorite form of fishing, there is nowhere in Thailand more productive than Boon Mar Ponds.

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Predator Fishing in Bangkok

Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds is one of the great venues, for lure and fly fishing in Bangkok. The fishing ponds offer a diverse range of predator fish species in 10 well stocked ponds.You will find ponds for Barramundi, Giant snakehead, Pacu, Chao Phraya catfish, Asian redtail catfish, and Nile tilapia. There are also a few Amazon redtail catfish, spotted Featherback, Shovelnose catfish, Mekong catfish and Burmese carp available but these are very rarely caught The lake is around 5 acres with grass banks all round, which offers awesome fishing for numerous Thai native and imported predator species, either by lure or fly fishing.

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Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds, Bangkok

Pilot 111 Fishing Ponds is one of the great venues, for lure and fly fishing in Bangkok. The fishing ponds offer a diverse range of predator fish species throughout 10 well stocked ponds. Anglers will find ponds for Pacu, Barramundi, Giant snakehead, Chao Phraya catfish, Asian redtail catfish, and Nile tilapia. There is also a few spotted Featherback, Amazon redtail catfish, Shovelnose catfish, Mekong catfish and Burmese carp.

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Top Cats Fishing Resort Koh Samui

Top Cats Fishing Resort is set on the idyllic tropical Island paradise of Koh Samui, in the province of Surat Thani in Southern Thailand. The Top Cats Fishing Resort is a highly prolific mixed species fishery. So it is capable of producing big hauls of large monster fish species on a regular basis. With the chance of a world record fish a distinct possibility.

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Greenfield Valley Fishing and Cottage Resort

Fishing for monster exotic fish at Greenfield Valley is an experience every angler visiting Bangkok should enjoy. The lake is located in a very peaceful valley, in the Thai countryside, about a 20 minute drive from downtown Hua Hin. Greenfield Valley Fishing Resort is also one of the more luxurious Freshwater fishing venues in Thailand. With a lot of effort and investment and a place with all the requirements of comfort and luxury; a good choice for the anglers who have high expectations for facilities. Close to: Bangkok, Hua Hin and also Cha Am.

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Phuket Fishing Park

Phuket Fishing Park is also known as Sawai Lake and is the best freshwater fishing lake in Phuket. The fishing park is a great fishing venue located an easy distance from the main resort areas on the Island of Phuket. It is a smaller lake, but well stocked with over 12 different species of freshwater fish, from various sources around the world. A great place for a fisherman who is looking for a fun day with bait and also fly fishing. Close to: Khao Lak, Krabi, Phang Nga and Ao Nang.

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