Building a 2 bedroom Villa in Thailand

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Building a 2 Bedroom pool Villa 850,000 baht includes pool Construction as well

Build a 2 bedroom villa and Swimming pool for 850.000 Baht or less if you use Concrete blocks and lower grade Windows and Doors. we have the plans for the Villa for 100 baht 18 pages How to build the Villa. Labour based on 400 baht per day per Man 6 weeks to complete everything. If you would like original drawings and plans We can send to you in Thailand at No extra cost. e mail Udonproperty If you would like to come and Visit the Villa we are in UdonThani Google Leeya Resort UdonThani.  The Villa is basic but a nice House to live in.  

You can get plans and information on the pool Build or Villa build we have the Full Drawings    and Build info.  1000 baht the pool can be built anywhere in Thailand