Leeya Fishing lake UdobThani We stocked Fishing lake with BBQ area

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                               Fishing In Thailand . Fishing Lake Resort Udonthani 

                                                         baht for 4 hrs fishing 

Leeya Resort Fishing lake over 500 Stocked fish 

Leeya Fishing park BBQ area

Fishing in Udon Thani Fishing in Thailand is a popular pastime, and there are several commercial fishing venues in the vicinity of Udon Thani.
Fishing In Thailand . Fishing Lake Resort Udonthani 

Introduction to the commercial fishing venues of Udon Thani, including location, fish stocks And  Catch and Eat Fishing venues in UdonThani  250 baht for 4 Hrs


                 Udon Thani Information

                                                             City in Thailand

Udon Thani is a provincial capital city in northeast Thailand. Wat Phothisomphon is a Buddhist temple complex from the 1800s, with a 21st-century pagoda. In Udon Thani Park, Nong Prachak Lake has an island with a plant-filled garden. The Udon Sunshine Orchid Farm grows a breed of orchids known for their fragrance. East of the city is Ban Chiang, an archaeological site with Bronze Age farming and burial artifacts.