Leeya Resort Garden Apartment with Direct Access to Swimming pool Suite 5

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                   Very Nice Apartment with Garden and pool 450 baht per night

                                  You can Rent per day No problems at all

                            Car Rental 599 baht per day motor bike 100 baht per day

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Lovely apartment with Balcony and Swimming pool  450 baht per night

                                Udon Thani


                                                                City in North Thailand

Udon Thani is a provincial capital city in northeast Thailand. Wat Phothisomphon is a Buddhist temple complex from the 1800s, with a 21st-century pagoda. In Udon Thani Park, Nong Prachak Lake has an island with a plant-filled garden. The Udon Sunshine Orchid Farm grows a breed of orchids known for their fragrance. East of the city is Ban Chiang, an archaeological site with Bronze Age farming and burial artifacts.

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