UdonThani City Apartment Rentals with Gym and Swimming pools

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                             UdonThani Apartments for Rent or sale in UdonThani

                                                    Week Per monthly Rentals

UdonThani Apartment Rentals

Serviced Apartments for Rent/sale in UdonThani

UdonThani Holiday Accommodation

UdonThani Vocation holiday Rentals

UdonThani Holiday Homes Apartments Villas

                        You can Rent for a week to see how you like the Complex

Rent per day  499 Baht Inclusive     Rent per week  3200 Baht inclusive
Car Rental 599 baht per day   motor Bike Rental 100 baht per day

                                     Email Udonpropertysales@gmail.com

                                 The Apartment are opposite the City Museum