Udon Thani short time bars

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  Udon Thani short time bars

The bar fine is 300 Baht at all beer bars and that's the cheapest in Thailand. Similar to short time rates averaging 1,000 Baht and long time (overnight) 2,000 Baht 

What you need to know about Girls and Bars in Udon Thani


This section, and most ferangs favourite section, is dedicated to the naughty nightlife for farang in Udon Thani and the girls that work in the bars, solely to entertain the 'wealthy' western visitors, and what you need to know about girls and bars in Udon Thani.

Just about all the bar girls in Udon Thani think everyone that visits, is loaded to the gills with cash! Well why not? Most foreigners do seem to spend their money quite willingly to have sex with one (or more) of the bars girls in Udon Thani (as they do in Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket).

Okay, by girls I am talking mostly about working girls but some of this is also dedicated to the girls who do not ply their trade in the bars. Like anywhere else in Thailand, where there is a city with ferang visitors there are girls working in the local bars looking to earn some money, find a husband or both. Firstly I would point out that Udon Thani does not have a sex scene in the same sense of Bangkok or Pattaya does but it exists and thrives on a seemingly endless stream of ferang from all over the world.

There are two "main" areas, Day & Night near the Plaza shopping centre and a smaller complex called Nutty Park. From a personal point of view, even for someone who is not looking to take a girl away for the night, I have found both to be a little disappointing and just a bit too quiet, but then perhaps I am judging this, unfairly, with the delights of Pattaya and Bangkok. Plus, I have only visited them in the low season in July. Perhaps I should have a wonder down there in late December and see if it is buzzing and report back.

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, so in essence you are not paying anyone for sex as such. These girls that work at the bars are 'entertainment' and/or waitresses that are happy to spend time with their customers and even accept a drink from them. The payment you make to take away one of these girls is compensation to the establishment for taking away one of their entertainers/waitresses. What you do after that is up to you but any money you directly give the girl is a gratuity, a way of thanking them for spending time with you and hopefully making you happy.

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